The Evolution Of Custom Military Coins

The day that custom military coins first appeared is still considered a monumental one, although they were popularly called medallions back then. It saved a military man from a fateful encounter, and the medallions made the bond of the entire squadron even tighter. It was a beginning of a tradition in the military that is still being carried out in the modern era. There is no sign that the tradition will die anytime soon. In fact, signs are telling all people that the challenge coins or military coins, or whatever name that you want to call them, are here to stay for a long time.

Other groups are now benefitting from the fad initiated by the military. Business sectors, politicians, cause-oriented groups, clubs, and other groups including schools are using custom coins. But, none of the mentioned groups use them for a more dignified reason, unlike in the military.

The custom coins have undergone great changes through time. Yes, they are way better than they first appeared in terms of aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship (all thanks to modern technology). You can say that the custom coins evolved into something that more people, other than the military, can use or benefit from. But, the custom military coins that men and women in the military keep in their possession did not lose their nobility, and their respective owner makes sure to keep it that way.

The Different Uses of Custom Coins Today

Businessmen use the modern custom coins as giveaway items or marketing tools. There are businessmen who spent a fortune in minting their corporate coins because they know that they can expect more benefits from it. There are business owners that use the coins to boost the morale of their employees, a practice that originated from the military.

These businessmen also found out that most people love to receive gorgeous corporate coins and keep them. The idea to turn the coins into promotional items is a big hit that more and more business owners use the coins to promote their business, an event, or for anything that can help attract more customers to come to their establishments.

Military Coins

The cause-oriented groups also use the custom coins to spread awareness regarding the cause they wanted people to take notice of, and possible donors and members. Some even choose bottle opener custom coins to make sure that their recipients will find it more difficult to throw it away due to its use.

There are schools, clubs, and other groups that use custom military coins for several reasons or purposes. They know what the coins can do to military men, and they would like to adopt the same scheme, although their reasons are less noble than that of the military. More groups turn to custom coins because they know that the coins are effective.

They might be relatively small as compared to other things that can motivate or push someone to act or do things for the benefit of a particular organization or group, but they can deliver the needed results. More and more people want to receive the custom coins that they can carry anywhere with them as compared to certificates or the usual award of recognition.

The military coins went through great evolution. They no longer exist just for the military. They serve different reasons, events or occasions, and others. They also come in different sizes, shapes (some have odd forms), colors, and (special) effects. Anyone can make use of them for different purposes, such as wedding giveaways or to mark a special family gathering.

AS time goes by, people find more use for military coins. Who knows what kind of task will the custom coins need to fulfill in the future? The only thing that is certain for now is that the custom military coins won’t go anywhere; they just need to stay here for as long as they are needed.

Garden City Homes for Sale

Long Island is a prime spot for people who are looking for a suburban place to live in. It’s close to the heart of Manhattan, but it’s still a considerable distance away from the noise and pollution of the city. Hempstead is a town in Long Island with villages and hamlets that offer peaceful communities ideal for dwelling. Garden City is one of them.

Garden City is a village in Nassau County, New York.

It has a total land area of 5.3 square miles. Based on the 2010 census, it is home to 21,811 people who live in 7,555 housing units. There are Garden City homes for sale which range from $300,000 to $2,000,000.

There are a variety of properties available depending on your needs and capacity. Colonial houses and ranch houses with at least three bedrooms are perfect for big families. Meanwhile, there are also apartments and rooms that are ideal for single inhabitance.

homeGarden City traces its roots to 1869 when Alexander Stewart part of the Hempstead Plains to transform into a residential development. The village started out with only sixty homes on spacious lots situated in a well-planned community surrounded by hundreds of shrubs and trees. Some of these Victorian style homes still stand today and serve as a testament to the village’s rich history.

Roosevelt Field in Garden City served as the launching area for the first nonstop transatlantic flight in 1927. This groundbreaking feat was accomplished by the prized aviator Charles Augustus Lindbergh who was only 25 back then. The airfield is now a shopping center which caters to the sprawling community.

While checking out Garden City homes for sale, you will learn that several amenities are available for the residents of this community. It is accessible through the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) with stations located in Stewart Manor, Nassau Boulevard, Garden City and Country Life Press. You can also drive the 18.5 mile distance from Manhattan to Garden City in roughly 45 minutes.

Its downtown area contains a blossoming business district with several high end boutiques and luxury restaurants. Municipal services are excellently managed by the Chief Administrative Officer with the help of the Property Owners’ Association. Schools, churches and a hotel are some of the other institutions that are based in the area which make the community life wholesome and convenient.

If you’re looking for Garden City homes for sale and intend to use the property as a place for retirement, then you’ll be glad to find out that they have an active Senior Advisory Committee. Together with the Garden City Recreation and Parks, they organize monthly trips to theaters and museums.

There’s also a fully functioning Senior Center open during the weekdays from 9AM to 4PM.

The 76-acre Adelphi University campus is also located within the confines of Garden City and so is one of the first Waldorf schools in the U.S. It’s also worth mentioning that the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island is seated in Garden City’s Gothic Cathedral of Incarnation. It is where Alexander Turney Stewart’s remains are laid to rest. These institutions are a testament to the high quality of life experienced throughout the community.

Overall, Garden City offers a peaceful and orderly neighborhood. It is complete with commercial centers and amenities necessary for safe and secure living. It has a supportive governing body which caters efficiently to the needs of its residents. It has a rich history which adds color to community life. Several Garden City homes for sale may prove to be ideal for you and your family. Take a trip to Long Island now and see for yourself.

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A Motivational Speaker’s Life

What does the word “Motivational Speaker” mean? Also known as a life coach or an inspirational speaker, this is a person who delivers his speeches to motivate and inspire people from the audience. Usually,   he has a reputation of being an expert on subjects being discussed. Also, he has the ability to encourage listeners to see things from different perspectives to make them more attentive about the topic.

As a motivational speaker, what does he do? His ultimate goal is to make people change their mental and emotional level in order to create an impact on their personal and professional lives. Typically, most people focus on their problems making them down and lonely. This is where motivational speaking comes in. Instead of making them focus on the problems, the speaker will divert their focus on various life opportunities. They do it by using different persuasive speaking tactics to motivate and inspire the audience.

Some speakers are hired as special guest speakers while others have planned speaking engagements in different places. The more famous life coaches also sell inspirational books that they personally wrote, create instructional DVDs and even appear as guests on television programs.

speakersAll speakers talk about things which are based from personal experiences and stories in order to inspire people. They make it a point that their significant life situations will be helpful to other people. As speakers, they always reflect on what are the possible life situations that people can relate to. They conduct talks in different venues like company boardrooms, classrooms, community centers and conference halls.

Life coaches are invited to talk about topics depending on the area of expertise. Here are some of those topics:

1.    Personal Development :

This is the most common topic of Motivational speaker Usually, speakers of this topic guide and inspire their audience to find the true meaning and purpose of life. Subject topics are ranging from inspirations, motivations and overcoming adversities which can help people to do make some actions and see situations or the world from a brand new perspective.

2.    Business :

In this topic, speakers provide guidance and encouragement to different levels of business people: from those that are in sales to those who have executive management positions. Subject topics can start from the speaker’s own success stories about business as well as his failures. The goal of the speech is to cultivate enthusiasm, develop a sense of responsibility and inspire people to work hard and improve on their business.

3.    Youth Mentor ship :

Its aim is to give guidance, life direction and positivity to kids during their formative years. Goals will also include inspiring the youth to live healthy and ambitious lives with topics about studying hard, interacting with other people, finding purpose in life and etc. Talks can be conducted at schools, community centers, churches and etc.

4.    Community

This topic involves motivational talks to address important community and social issues. Subject topics are mainly focused on educating the public as well as giving them the liberty to do positive actions.

What’s the typical working day of a motivational speaker?

Depending on the number of speaking engagements, time needed to write or revise speeches and travel requirements; he tends to have irregular working hours. For highly professional and in-demand life coaches out there, they have heavier travel and working schedules than the others because they are invited as guest speakers at events and conferences in different places more frequently.

Once speaking engagements are over, a motivational speaker’s life doesn’t end there. Successful ones also conduct their own seminars, write inspirational books, produce podcasts and videos or even appear as guests on television programs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Long Island Loan Modification

You modify a loan because you want to get the best deal possible, under the current situation. For example: you might have average credit ratings at the time of loan approval; the economy might have been in distress; the bank/lender did not offer any promotional deals; you just got a pay raise or a new job. Each of these circumstance, and more, positively affect your chances of getting a better deal. Simply put, if you are earning more and the economy is getting better, then it is time to look into Long Island loan modification.

From Whom Should I Ask a Modification of my Loan?

loanStrictly speaking you want to ask your current lender/mortgagee for a Long Island loan modification. This is because this is the entity who can grant a modification of a current loan. You start the process by giving your lender a call. The number is located in your loan documents. Schedule an appointment. This way you are sure you are talking to the right entity.

What Should I Bring During My Appointment?

First, you want to bring your loan documents. This is not really a necessity, but it can save you time. Second, you should bring at least 2 valid identification cards. Third, you should bring a credit report that was pulled out at most 6 months prior, but preferably within the month. Fourth, bring 3 to 4 months of your payslip or any proof of income.

What Should I Look Out for?

First, you want to make sure that any modification option given you is really to your advantage. Don’t be fooled by instant low interest offers. Ask first what kind of modification that is. As a general rule, steer clear from adjustable rate mortgages.

What is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) ?

An ARM is a Long Island loan modification interest payment scheme that initially provides the borrower with low interest rates. The catch is, after a fixed period of 1 to 5 years of low interest payments, the bank is then allowed to recomputed your interest payments based on a specific index. In most cases, this will result in an interest rate that is higher than most fixed rate mortgages. What is more, the interest rate you pay is recomputed at specific intervals. This has the potential of increasing your interest rate several times, albeit with a stated increase cap.

What are the Types of Long Island Loan Modification?

For a change in your loan documents to be considered a modification, it must be a substantial change. As a general rule, loan modification has 4 major types. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Change in interest rate: This change can be the rate payable and/or the type of interest rate i.e. fixed, ARM, Balloon, etc.
  • Change in loan terms: This change can be anywhere from decreasing/ increasing the number of payments to be made; adding/removing clauses i.e. acceleration clause; or any other substantial change in the terms and conditions of payment.
  • Change in the principal payment: This refers to the actual loan amount and/or instalments that are used to pay for such. It can be increased or decreased depending on certain circumstances i.e. you make a lump sum payment.
  • Moving the payment period: This is a very popular option for temporarily distressed households. For example: you are not able to pay 5 instalments because you lost your job. Fortunately you now have a new job and it pays just a s good, if not better. Instead of paying penalties and the total amount defaulted, which is very substantial, you can ask the lender to move the payment period backwards by 5 more months.